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A QuickSearch Bot is a chatbot that is an automated, often AI-driven software programs that work in tandem with a customer service team to answer customer questions and potentially route customer queries. They often simulate human conversation, although they’re not necessarily intended to fool the customer, but to provide a natural, inline flow of conversation in a format the customer is comfortable and familiar with. The objective of a QuickSearch Bot is to lead customers through a streamlined channel of information quickly in order to provide the smoothest, fastest, most friction-free experience possible.

Why Do QuickSearch Bots Matter to Customer Service?

According to Forrester, 73% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing companies can do to give them good customer service. At the same time,  44 percent of Americans would rather scrub a toilet than contact customer support. How to provide the best possible service, and the quickest solutions, without subjecting customers to tedious, drawn-out hold times and conversations they don’t want to have in the first place?

QuickSearch Bots provide initial response quickly, and in some cases can resolve customer issues and answer customer questions without any wait at all. 

How Helpshift Supports QuickSearch Bots 

Helpshift’s QuickSearch Bot will improve customer satisfaction, automate simple interactions, and optimize service workflows. QuickSearch Bot can be deployed in minutes, without the help of developers, using Helpshift’s code-free visual interface. You can then test, iterate, and deploy automated workflows for a variety of use cases.

Helpshift’s QuickSearch Bot also has an add-on feature called QuickSearch Bot. It’s an AI-powered bot for your web and in-app messaging experience that will automatically respond to the end user’s first message by suggesting up to three of your most relevant FAQs to quickly help your users find the answer they’re looking for. The Helpshift QuickSearch Bot responds instantly to customer issues with content from your knowledge base, enabling you to deflect incoming tickets and seamlessly escalate conversations to human agents when needed.

With Helpshift technology, you can combine self-service, intelligent QuickSearch Bots with routing to human agents on a variety of platforms. The workflows are integrated, the customer experience fluid, and answers expedited for faster time to resolution. Automated QuickSearch Bots also greatly speed time to first response, an important metric for any customer service organization.

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