Helpshift x WhatsApp Integration

Built for the modern global brand that seeks to seamlessly manage support across digital channels.

Consumers and agents alike deserve a centralized and efficient customer support automation solution that can scale.

Support Falling Short?

Your mobile-first business is growing.

Your app experience is gorgeous.

But… could your current WhatsApp support experience be falling short?

With Helpshift’s WhatsApp integration, deliver the delightful, fast, and efficient resolution your customers demand.

Apply the power of Helpshift’s automation technology to your WhatsApp support experience to ensure your customers are getting the best customer support experience regardless of channel. 

Helpshift’s support platform was built to offer the best mobile-first end-to-end customer support experience. We offer sophisticated bot automations, powerful back-end workflows, and segmentation capabilities that allow for quick and efficient resolutions. Our WhatsApp integration allows brands to access these capabilities beyond the native in-app support experience.

What are the benefits of integrating your WhatsApp support channel into Helpshift’s Support Platform?

Improved Quality and Speed of Resolutions

Powerful back-end workflows offer faster and improved resolutions over standardized templates.

Personalized & Secure VIP support

Offer your VIPs a personalized and secure support experience on their preferred channels.

Centralized Support & Analytics Platform

Centralized issue management & analytics allow for easier management of agent workload and tracking of automation performance. 

Increased Agent Productivity

No need for your Agents to manage multiple support tools and platforms for every channel. 
Automatically connect the issue type with the optimal agent workflow.

Easily deploy & scale automations

Our sophisticated bots and workflow automations can be shared across platform with a single click—no development team required.

Have you outgrown your current support strategy?

You know your business. We know customer support automations. Schedule a demo to start your modern support journey today.