AI-Driven Player Feedback Analytics Platform

Affogata is an AI-Driven Player Feedback Analytics Platform, that allows world-class video game studios to understand their player community feedback and harness it to make better decisions when building games, new levels, features, characters, and more.   

Product Overview

80% of player feedback data is unstructured and unused.  Affogata gathers all the unstructured player feedback from the open web and combines it with internal player data to provide a full view of the player community voice. Multiple stakeholders such as product managers, player insights professionals, player experience teams, data analysts, and more use Affogata to make better business decisions. 

Make the best games with real-time player feedback analytics.

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Overview of Integration

By combining the power of Affogata’s AI-Driven Player Feedback Analytics with Helpshift’s In-Game Player Support, game studios can gain valuable insights into the needs and wants of their players. Rather than reacting to problems after they occur, studios can now address player issues before and as they emerge. This proactive approach can help studios retain and engage their player base, leading to improved retention and revenue.

This integration combines Helpshift’s best-of-breed ticketing and service processes with Affogata’s AI-driven learning language and anomaly detection models, enabling real-time product optimization, predictive issue routing and resolution, and more. The first major milestone is a harmonized taxonomy between the systems, enabling data-driven decision-making for community, insights, support and product teams.


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