Conversation review and QA platform for support teams

Hypergrowth companies like Epic Games, Hopin, and Wistia use Klaus to boost agent skills and have more conversations that end with a smile.

Integrate Klaus with Helpshift to measurably improve your customer service quality. Internal feedback is a breeze with Klaus, so you can make every conversation better.

Klaus users report:

  • Cut down time spent on quality assurance by 70%
  • Boost CSAT by over 10%
  • Onboard new agents 2x faster

Overview of Product

Automate & scale your QA

  • Rate and comment on conversations
  • Customize rating categories and scales
  • AI brings conversations to the top

Coach with precision

  • Track Internal Quality Score across support reps & teams
  • Quizzes for coaching
  • Pin talking points for 1-1s

Identify learning opportunities

  • Filter based on: Complexity, Sentiment, CSAT, and more

Overview of Integration

Connect Helpshift to Klaus and transform your customer support quality assurance process. Review and rate interactions in digital channels, phone support, self-service, and bots. Track quality metrics with ease and collaborate with your team.

Check this page to set-up your Helpshift integration with Klaus.

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