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Deep linking can be utilized by businesses to keep users engaged in a mobile app rather than sending them to a browser window outside of the app. Deep linking is the use of a hyperlink within a page that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed piece of web content on a website (e.g., “http://example.com/path/page”), rather than the website’s home page (e.g., “http://example.com/”). Deep links make reading and loading new content more accessible than it would otherwise be.

What Deep Linking does for Engagement

Deep linking encourages users to go from simply installing an app on their mobile devices to becoming active users through content sharing. Companies that allow users to share content with friends and family can increase their apps’ activity levels because users can exchange hyperlinks. If a company that sells fashion merchandise allows content sharing for example, then users can send hyperlinks to one another’s carts, new products, flash sales, etc. 

Knowledge articles that include deep links to additional content also decrease the bounce rate and maintain engagement. Since users are not prompted to leave the app, they spend more time within the app looking at other linked content available.

How Companies Can Start Deep Linking

The first step for deep linking is to take inventory of all native pages within an app that should be linked. Companies should take advantage of the fact that every section of an app can be deep linked by determining which pages they want to use to gain new customers.

A uniform resource locator, also known as a URL, will also need to be customized for each page in the app. The URL is similar to an address for each individual page on an app, and is commonly in the format of “http://companyname/individual-page/”.

How Helpshift Can Help Companies Utilize Deep Linking

Helpshift can assist in directing users to particular sections of apps after companies customize their URLs. For more information about how to implement deep linking on various mobile devices visit Helpshift for Android and Helpshift for iOS.

Additional Information about the Benefits of Deep Linking on Mobile Apps

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