Escalation management is a process put in place to deal with incidents and problem management within a system, ensuring problems get resolved and issues are addressed at the right level. Typically, an organization will have a set of procedures in place to deal with escalation management under a variety of circumstances. 

Why Does Escalation Management Matter in Customer Service

No matter how airtight your customer service, you cannot please everyone all the time. It’s a fact of customer service that occasionally, customers will become stressed, irate, or “demand to speak to a manager!” When the current customer service agent simply can’t solve the problem, escalation management comes into play.

For this reason, it’s critical that customer service employees be trained on proper escalation management procedures. You must have an escalation management workflow in place that steps customer service agents through the actions to take.

It’s also important to hire customer service leaders with a strong ability to handle escalation management. As automation and AI take care of more and more of the straightforward customer service issues, the “tougher” issues will fall into the hands of humans and their managers. The ability to diffuse tense situations is especially important in an era when frustrated customers have an instant outlet on social media. With the ease and accessibility that exists today when it comes to customers venting their frustration, brands can’t afford to risk a bad outcome. It’s on customer service managers to have the skills to de-escalate situations with proper escalation management before they become PR dings. 

It’s equally important that any automated technology you use is designed to take escalation management incidents into account.

How Helpshift Supports Escalation Management

If you already have a specific escalation management process you follow where issues must be replied to within a certain timeframe or managed by certain team members, you can automate this process using the advanced workflow features of Helpshift.

You can also automatically route issues to specific queues in order to filter issues that require escalation management into a unique queue which specialized agents can work out of.

With the Helpshift solution Connected Customer Conversations, you can route more customers to messaging formats and reserve high-priority escalations for phone communication. You can reduce hold time by using “call customers back” functionality for agents, eliminating some of the friction that can lead to escalation management situations.

Additional information About Escalation Management

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