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You can’t provide exceptional service without exceptional ticketing and support software. Helpshift delivers both on one platform.

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Turn Cases into Conversations

With Helpshift’s agent desktop, your agents can manage customer tickets just like messaging conversations. Customer info and interaction history are displayed in the thread, keeping conversations in context, while knowledge base articles and response snippets are only a click away.

customer service interaction with metadata logged in platform

Simplify Case Management

Want to streamline workflows and unify tickets across your channels? Our case management gets the job done by displaying ticket data and interaction history within every conversation. Meanwhile, agents and bots collaborate together on customer conversations to accelerate resolutions.

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Using Helpshift’s digital platform, MoneyLion streamlined its support operations and improved resolution and response times by 51% without expanding the team or impacting CSAT.

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Knowledge is Power

With Helpshift’s knowledge management capabilities you can easily organize FAQs and articles by application or platform and customers and agents can access everything via navigation, search, or with the assistance of multilingual bots. This can all happen within your mobile app or throughout your web-based help center.

customer service dashboard and business intelligence data

Gain Powerful Insights

You can learn a lot from data. Our analytics provide insight into customer cases, agents, and the effectiveness of automation. All of your data is stored in a single repository so correlating and visualizing information is simple. Our integrations and APIs also make customizing and exporting reports as easy as the click of a button.

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