Mobile broadcast is a technology designed to deliver SMS messages to multiple people at once in a particular geographic area within a certain period of time. Unlike with group texting, recipients will not see responses by others, and perceive the message as being sent to them alone.

Also sometimes called short message service-point to point (SMS-PP) or cell broadcast, mobile broadcast is a one-to-many messaging service that takes advantage of geo-targeting. Mobile broadcast messages are sent and controlled by service providers, and part of the GSM standard set by the ETSI GSM committee. 

Because messages can be sent to every phone connected to a particular network within a target area, mobile broadcast messaging is also used for things like Amber Alerts and weather emergency updates. In general, mobile broadcast is considered a highly effective, reliable mobile technology for mass messaging. In addition, because mobile broadcast messaging uses dedicated network signaling instead of voice and data capacity, message sending is not affected by network congestion.

Why Do Mobile Broadcast Messages Matter to Customer Service?

While mobile broadcast is often used to inform citizens of critical events, it can also be used by companies to boost their customer service efforts. In particular, mobile broadcast messaging can be used for general announcements and customer notifications.

Additional information About Helpshift and Mobile Broadcasts

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