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Customer satisfaction, often abbreviated as CSAT, is a measure of how businesses’ products or services meet or even surpass the expectations of a customer. CSAT is often related to customer service because those agents are the employees who primarily communicate with the customers directly, and customer satisfaction with those experiences can affect whether they will stay loyal to the company.

How Customer Satisfaction is Measured

Customer satisfaction is measured by sending surveys to customers after they contact support. A standard question that is often used in this survey is “How satisfied were you with the overall experience?” Customers can choose a number on a scale of 1 to 3, 1 to 5, or 1 to 10. However these surveys can be more specific by including questions to gauge if inquiries were answered fully or whether there were any complaints that the customer would like to report. These surveys help companies understand how the experience is for the end user, and whether there are possible areas that can be improved upon.

Why Customer Satisfaction is Important

When customers are happy with the services provided by a company, they are more likely to be loyal to that company. Having loyal customers is valuable because it is more cost efficient than finding new ones. Due to the need of retaining customers, businesses should invest in implementing great customer service to give their customers aid and reassurance that their issues are taken seriously.

How Businesses can Improve Customer Satisfaction Rates

Companies can raise their CSAT scores by paying attention to the information provided in the surveys and incorporating this feedback into their business operations. Sending surveys is useless if companies do not take time to read the responses and use them to make improvements to their services. If there is one particular area that a significant number of customers described as suboptimal, then companies have a guide on how to improve their products and/or services to deliver a better experience for customers.

How Helpshift can Help Companies with High Customer Satisfaction

Helpshift offers an in-app survey request capability. The CSAT feature works by asking customers to rate their customer service experience on a scale of 1 to 5 before they leave the messaging channel, giving them the option to easily leave a reply. Helpshift will automatically send the CSAT survey to users, but companies can make edits to send it out at earlier or later times. This method of sending surveys is an alternative to sending emails to customers which requires them to leave the app, open the email message, open a browser, and fill out the survey. Rather than following each step, users can rate their level of satisfaction in-app, and then continue to use the app to shop or play a game. A chatbot can also be used to collect CSAT ratings.

Companies can enable in-app CSAT surveys through Helpshift by following the steps outlined in “What are (CSAT) Customer Satisfaction Surveys, and how do I set them up?”.

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