Helpshift Automations

What is ‘Helpshift Automations’?

Automations offer two robust solutions to help you and your team quickly resolve incoming issues while still maintaining a personalized user experience at scale.

New Issue Automations:

New Issue Automations are messages that automatically send based on the metadata that your users provide. This tool is designed to help manage a high volume of tickets without the need for additional staff.

Auto-Resolve Automations:

An Auto-Resolve Automation will send a message to users that haven’t responded to an Issue after a preset amount of days. This ensures your customers are satisfied—close idle conversations by asking if there’s anything else you can assist your customer with.

Use Cases:

  1. Tier-Based Support — Automations will help your agents quickly respond to the Issues of paying customers. Set specific Automations to let premium users know you’ve received their message and an agent will be with them shortly. Premium users expect premium service and speed is a critical way to keep profit flowing.
  2. Stop Churn — When a customer writes in to your support channel threatening to delete your app or is otherwise dissatisfied, use an Automation to detect keywords and instantly respond.
  3. Overcome Product Issues and/or Bugs — If your app has an error that affects every user, you can set an Automation to inform your users that your team is on the case. This keeps your staff free to solve the problem rather than field frustrations from users.

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