Introducing web support – seamless service through multiple channels

As your app grows in popularity, your customers will want to connect with you beyond the app. They’ll want to find you on the web, through the App Store and reach you via email too.

With this insight, we’ve made improvements to our product so that you can provide help to your customers anywhere they need it. And you can manage queries from all of these channels through your Helpshift dashboard.

Let’s take a look at what our developers have been busy working on:

Customize CSS to match your branding

Custom CSS enables you to apply a deep level of design customization to your embedded support page so it completely looks and feels like the rest of your site. You’ll give confidence to your users by controlling the entire brand experience.

How to get it » Dashboard Settings Support Portal Click on ‘Edit Custom CSS’

Embed support on your own domain

Get even more flexibility! Embed the support page on your own website, keep customers on your domain and target customer segments by the app and platform.

Customized web support powered by Helpshift

And because we’re a mobile first company, it’s mobile responsive out of the box! Provide your customers the best experience regardless of the device and channel they’re contacting you on.

How to get it » Dashboard Settings Support Portal Click on ‘Generate Custom Embed Code’

Manage all your tickets in one dashboard

Now that your web portal is completely customized, customers will want to email you. No longer should your support team need to juggle email enquiries from your website, mobile app and the App Store through various dashboards and inboxes.

Manage all in app and email support queries from the unified Helpshift dashboard.

How to get it » Dashboard Settings Email Tickets

Any questions about the features? Ask in the comments below.

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