B2C Brands Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Experiences with Helpshift

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Posted on March 21, 2019

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Business to consumer brands require a specific B2C customer service solution. They’re dealing with massive scale, rely heavily on high customer satisfaction ratings — and in a perfect world, customers would have 24/7 access to their agents without having to wait on hold.

However, in our imperfect world, offering this level of care is extremely costly and difficult to scale due to hiring and on-boarding restraints. That’s why Helpshift developed a solution built for scale, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction through automation and asynchronous messaging.

Helpshift’s unique messaging-first approach to customer service leverages automation bots, AI-powered intent classification, and a comprehensive agent dashboard to help brands exceed their customers’ expectations while also enabling scale. We chatted with four different B2C brands that use Helpshift to improve CSAT and KPIs across the board.

1. Chatbooks Reimagines Workforce with Helpshift’s Intuitive Agent Dashboard

Chatbooks, a service that turns digital photos into physical books, has a 100 percent happiness guaranteed policy. That means customer service is a critical component of the company’s value proposition, and in fact nearly half of Chatbooks‘ employees work on the support team. The kicker: all of these employees work from home.

Many of Chatbooks’ agents are mothers who work part-time, and value the family-first ethos of the company. With Helpshift, managing this distributed and part-time workforce to offer both in-app messaging and live chat to customers is not only doable, but has in fact resulted in higher CSAT ratings. Chatbooks has been called a ‘digital subscription to your life’, and the executives’ commitment to supporting their agents as involved parents shows how dedicated they are to their values.

2. MoviePass Achieves High CSAT At Scale With Helpshift’s Asynchronous Messaging + Automation

MoviePass, a movie ticket subscription service, is the fastest growing subscription service ever (faster even than Netflix and Spotify!). After growing from 20,000 subscribers to over three million in a matter of months, MoviePass was inundated with a massive influx of urgent support tickets, and too few agents to shoulder this new burden.

The company turned to Helpshift for three reasons. The team was looking for:

  • A messaging-based support platform so that their customers could communicate with the support team via the MoviePass app and website
  • A system that automatically pushes urgent issues (e.g. from customers who are at the theater) to the top of the agent queue for live chat
  • A solution that leverages bots, self-service and automation to help customers increasingly help themselves

After implementing Helpshift’s asynchronous messaging platform and automations, the MoviePass team saw a 20 percent increase in CSAT. Agents also saved more than 45,000 hours thanks to AI and Bots, and reduced time to resolution by 24 percent.

3. VCA Care Club Gives Customers Real-Time Access to Veterinarians Through Messaging and a Smart Agent Dashboard

VCA Care Club is a pet wellness plan provided by VCA Animal Hospitals. One of the most impactful (and beloved) parts of the plan is the Care Club mobile app, which enables pet owners to chat with a veterinarian 24/7. With Helpshift’s messaging-based dashboard, VCA Care Club is able to respond to inquiries within 45 seconds.

Messaging-based B2C customer service allows companies like VCA to provide personalized care without the hassle and delays of traditional call center-based service. In industries like pet healthcare, where peace of mind is paramount, the convenience and access of messaging-based service cannot be underestimated.

4. FoxNext Games Keeps Players Engaged Through In-App Messaging

For mobile gaming companies, keeping players inside the app is a crucial component of maintaining and increasing player engagement. Because of this, mobile gaming brands like FoxNext Games, the creator of Marvel Strike Force, want to keep players inside the app for customer service interactions.

With Helpshift, FoxNext Games has been able to offer in-app messaging without breaking the bank on hiring efforts. With an average of 4.7 stars in the app store, it’s clear that FoxNext Games made the right choice.

Promote High Lifetime Value with Great B2C Customer Service

B2C customer service can be tricky. Brands want to provide quick service to keep their customers engaged, but they need to keep costs in mind and can’t simply hire scores of new agents as their customer base grows. Having a platform that leverages messaging and automation can be an effective solution, and Helpshift offers just that. See for yourself with Helpshift’s free trial.

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