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Digital Channels

Get started with customer service for web, mobile, and email in just minutes. Implementation is as simple as dropping in a few lines of code in your website or mobile app.

AI and Automation

Streamline support with chatbots and AI-powered automation that is simple to implement, use, and scale.

Ticketing and Support

Manage tickets from every support channel using our intuitive, user-friendly dashboard.  Users can rote, prioritize, and solve customer service tickets with ease and efficiency.  

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Leading B2C brands use Helpshift to provide superior customer service across digital channels at scale.

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“Everyone today is used to the iMessage or WhatsApp experience – they’re able to have ongoing conversations without having to wait around for an immediate response. Helpshift provides that conversational environment people have gotten so used to, and thanks to the platform capabilities that allow us to leverage data, we can see what’s going on and respond intelligently even if the users don’t provide all the context.”

Maria Lo
Partner Director of Engineering,
Microsoft for Outlook Mobile