“The Discord Extension: Conversational Support Wherever You Go” Webinar Recap

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Posted on April 30, 2021

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Discord is a wildly popular online platform where players meet up, share tips, and get gaming-related help. Some players even refer to it as their “second screen.” Learn why you need to make your presence known on this buzzing social channel, as well as how to easily manage support requests with our new extension, in this webinar with Erik Ashby, Helpshift Director of Product and Tanya Gupta, Helpshift Product Manager.

You can watch the full episode now on demand. In the meantime, here are some of the highlights:

1. Gaming companies have joined Discord because that’s where their players are.

“There are millions of messages being exchanged on Discord servers everyday. Players are highly engaged. There’s a big opportunity for gaming companies to connect with them and turn them into promoters.” – Tanya Gupta, Product Manager, Helpshift

2. Gaming companies should consider owning and managing their own Discord servers. 

“There are player ambassador servers run by people who like to influence others with their content and there are those run by gaming companies, dedicated to sharing official game announcements, getting feedback, promoting events, and launching beta programs.” – Tanya Gupta

3. With millions of messages being exchanged on Discord every day, the Helpshift Extension reduces the complexity of offering support on the channel.

“There are sometimes just a handful of people monitoring official servers for gaming companies. With so many languages, it can be difficult for them to sort through all the support requests quickly. The Helpshift Discord Extension makes the issue volume manageable using automated workflows and internationalized bots.” – Tanya Gupta

4. With the Helpshift Discord Extension you can get started quickly.

“The Discord Extension doesn’t require any technical knowledge to set up. All you have to do is follow like 5 or 6 steps and it can be up and running.” – Tanya Gupta

5. With the Helpshift Extension, most Discord players aren’t even aware they’re connected through a customer support system.

“For the player, there’s just one, seamless experience. They chat back and forth with a bot or agent and it all comes through one channel within Discord.” – Tanya Gupta

Want to try it out? Schedule a Helpshift Discord Extension demo to get started or reach out to your Support Manager for more information.

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