Customer service representatives connect with customers to handle complaints, assist in processing orders, and provide information about the company’s products and services. These agents provide a line of communication between a company and its customers, making them representatives of not only customer service, but also the overall brand.

Why Customer Service Representatives are Important

Customer service representatives, or agents, represent the entire company because they are in direct contact with customers. Many people remember their experience chatting with representatives, so if the interaction goes poorly, then customers will associate that experience with the company as a whole. Alternatively, if the exchange is positive, then customers may recommend the company to peers who may become interested in its products or services.

How Helpshift Can Assist Customer Service Representatives

Messaging-based customer service can eliminate the issue of customers having to wait for a response via chatbots that respond to inquiries immediately. Customers do not like waiting for help, and this can make them dread contacting customer support. Chatbots can greet customers and begin offering solutions or collecting information rather than keeping customers on hold. Customer service representatives can take advantage of this capability to prevent frustrating customers and risk losing them due to poor or no service.

Chatbots can collect routine information from customers so that customer service representatives have all the necessary information readily available to resolve the issue at hand. Agents today spend lots of time asking for customer information and searching for individual accounts before they can assist customers with the problem, but with chatbots employees will already have the information before they even join the chat.

Helpshift knowledge management can reduce the number of incoming issues by referring customers to other sources for information. Customer service representatives respond to as many as one hundred inquiries each day, so to reduce that number, Helpshift QuickSearch Bot can suggest links to FAQ articles to help customers find the solutions they are looking for. This use of AI makes sure that only complex questions are sent to agents.

Customer service representatives can use Helpshift analytics to understand their performance and improve as a team. They are able to work out of a unified workspace for all tickets (email, web, and in-app), and benefit from AI-powered suggested responses. Helpshift makes communication seamless, so that representatives can focus their energy on finding solutions to complex problems.

Additional Information About How AI Can Help Customer Service Representatives

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