Watch: How Helpshift Has Transformed These Companies

We’re really proud of our product and have no qualms about this shameless plug. Here’s a list of some quick customer testimonials that really speak to the benefits we provide as the leading in-app mobile SDK.

Scaling for Success with Scopely’s David Tamayo

Why Helpshift Beats Zendesk with Life 360’s Jennifer Yettke

Why Zynga Can’t Live Without Helpshift Smart Views

How NEXON M Maintains and Increases Marketshare through Helpshift

Understanding ‘The Helpshift Ecosystem’ with Eden Games

Using Helpshift to Go Global with NetEase Games North America’s Jeanne Dyer

How Helpshift Makes FunPlus Agents’ Lives Easier

Involving Support Starting with Soft Launch with PlayRaven’s Gabriele Aimone

Helpshift’s ever-expanding client base spans noteworthy SMB’s to enterprise-level companies, much in part thanks to the extensive feature list we offer. If you are new to Helpshift, we hope you find these customer testimonials useful and will want more information. And if you are already a happy customer, we hope you’ll share widely! You can view the full playlist of customer testimonials on YouTube.

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