2023’s Top Lessons: 5 Must-Know Customer Experience Tips for 2024

Customer Experience and Engagement


Posted on January 29, 2024

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In the fast-paced realm of customer experience (CX), navigating the currents of change requires more than just a compass. Professionals must stay ahead of trends and embrace new strategies for continuous improvement. To help CX professionals chart a course for success in 2024, the Helpshift team asked our customers to share a nugget of advice mined from their top lessons learned in 2023.

Top 5 customer experience tips to implement in 2024 / to deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience in 2024

1. Understand Your Product

Understanding your product not only allows support teams to grasp how the product works, it also helps them empathize with users. This knowledge ensures quicker issue resolution, helping users navigate challenges seamlessly and quickly. It also empowers support staff to provide personalized assistance, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Jessica May, Senior Lead at Lockwood Publishing, emphasizes the importance of this in her #1 CX Tip:

“Make sure your player support staff spend time playing your game! It’s so important to understand the product well, this way we can make sure the players’ problems are understood and context is clear. Bonus if they have fun playing.”

2. Put People First

Putting people first in customer service means prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of both – your team and customers:

  • By fostering a positive work environment, you empower your team to deliver better service to customers. 
  • Treating customers with empathy and respect creates a strong foundation for building lasting relationships and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Sarah Carlson, Director of Customer Service at TouchTunes, advocates for a people-first approach in her #1 CX Tip:

“People first! When you treat your people well, you enable them to treat your customers well. Lead by serving – listen, show empathy, and be humble. Stay aware of their day-to-day challenges, even those that seem small, as those inconveniences add up. Trust that your teams will find the best way to serve your customers because we all want to increase satisfaction and enjoyment.”

3. Foster Strong Partnerships

Among other things, fostering strong partnerships in customer service involves building close collaborations between support and product teams. This approach ensures seamless communication, allowing support to stay aligned with product updates. By working hand-in-hand, these teams can address customer needs effectively while deploying a possible feedback loop into place and once again enhance the overall customer experience.

Mariya Sherbakova, Head of Customer Service at Murka Games having applied this tip within her team, highlights the significance of it in her #1 CX Tip:

“My top advice would be to promote active collaboration between the product team and customer support, facilitating speedy issue resolution and effectively incorporating user suggestions. Utilize Helpshift’s tools for efficient ticket management and push continuous engagement with user feedback. This approach not only boosts product quality but also improves the overall customer experience, leading to increased user retention and satisfaction rates.”

4. Prioritizing Clear Communications

Prioritizing clear communication in customer service is essential for effective collaboration and project success. By maintaining transparency within and between teams, misunderstandings are minimized, promoting a smoother workflow. Clarity in communication ensures that critical information is exchanged efficiently, and nothing slips through the cracks – enabling teams to coordinate efforts effectively.

Anna Yangolenko, Customer Care Manager at Gameloft, underscores the importance of clear communication in today’s remote work environment in her #1 CX tip:

“At the moment, with so many people working remotely, building personal connections and fostering collaboration is vital for the overall success of the projects. I find that on big projects when many various teams are involved even the smallest misunderstanding can lead to serious consequences. So, my number one lesson from this year (2023) – importance of maintaining clear communication between big teams on a project as well as within smaller teams.

After all, effective communication helps prevent misunderstandings, facilitates the exchange of critical information, and enables teams to coordinate efforts efficiently.”

5. Real-Time Observance in Automation

Real-time observance in automation involves actively monitoring and adapting automated processes as they unfold. By staying vigilant in real-time, businesses can customize automated conversations, providing a personalized touch while freeing up resources to address unique needs or intervene when necessary. 

Sarah Carlson from TouchTunes continues her piece of advice:

“When automating and building bots, real-time observance is key. Plan to test different options and adjust quickly. We find the most success iterating many different bots to follow the conversation flows our consumers naturally want to take.” She further adds, “Automated” does not mean a conversation can’t be customized! Send your data through to your support tool so consumers can receive a custom touch while remaining in a fast, accurate automated flow. Ideally, this will free up more of your people to observe for accuracy, discover additional ways to add value, and jump in to listen and advocate when ideal.” 

As 2024 unfolds, these insights serve as beacons in the CX landscape. Mastering customer experience involves strategic collaboration, communication excellence, product-centric approaches, and a people-first strategy. Apply these practical tips to fortify your CX strategy and elevate the experiences you deliver this year. For further guidance and support, explore how Helpshift can be a valuable partner in navigating the dynamic world of customer service.

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Customer Experience and Engagement


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