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What Is a CRM System?

CRM stands for “customer relationship management,” and CRM systems are tools that help with this process. They store customer data, provide status updating along the customer journey, and deliver insight on customer behavior, spending, and trends. Robust CRM systems such as Salesforce and Hubspot typically also integrate with third-party tools and social media apps to serve as the hub of the entire customer management strategy. They’re often at the center of a software ecosystem that integrates tightly with other tools.

Why Do CRM Systems Matter to Customer Service?

While traditional CRM systems were designed mainly for sales and are meant to connect lead generation to end sales, today’s high-functioning CRM systems are an integral part of customer experience across the board and way beyond the point of sale. CRM systems often contain a marketing automation functionality that helps companies keep in contact with customers and personalize communications. And they provide deeper insight into your customers so you can customize your marketing and customer service strategies. 

Today, most CRM systems are on cloud-based platforms. In fact, Gartner predicts that as of 2019, spending on software-as-a-service (SaaS, or cloud) spend will reach approximately $42B and represent 75 percent of total CRM software spend.

Helpshift and CRM Systems

Helpshift’s customer service platform can stand alone or layer onto your existing CRM systems. Our ready-to-go, native integrations let you modernize customer support without replacing your existing CRM system.

Helpshift and Salesforce

Helpshift’s Lightning-ready AppExchange App allows Salesforce users to elevate digital service channels with messaging, turnkey bots, and AI. Our Salesforce Integration allows you to manage your Helpshift Dashboard from directly within Salesforce. Agents never need to leave the Service Cloud Console. You can use the app to invite and assign Agents and Admins; sync FAQs, Issues, Custom Issue Fields, and tags; reply to Issues from within Salesforce; and more. More info

Another boon to integrating a CRM system such as Salesforce with Helpshift: Helpshift also provides two-way messaging through in-app or web. Once customers start a messaging thread, a Salesforce case is created instantly. Customer service agents don’t even need to refresh to see incoming messages.

Most customer service solutions can stand alone, but for enterprise, having one that can layer on top of an existing CRM system can make all the difference.

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