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First Call Resolution, abbreviated as FCR, refers to resolving a customer’s issue during the first call to eliminate the need for the customer to follow up. Traditionally, FCR was determined after agents ended their phone call with customers, however this procedure has changed since customers have various methods of reaching customer service today. Because businesses allow users to contact customer service representatives through different forms of communication such as email, live chat, and in-app messaging, measuring first call resolution has had to adapt to fit an asynchronous conversation model.

How Messaging Changes the Game of First Call Resolution

Messaging allows customer service representatives and customers to interact at a faster rate which increases the chances of resolving issues quicker. Customers want to finish their conversation with company agents as quickly as possible, and with a messaging system that saves chat history and allows media to be shared, users will not have to repeat themselves or struggle to articulate their issues.  

Why First Call Resolution is Important

Efficiently resolving issues within the first call, or “contact,” is one of the main ways that businesses can deliver great customer service. Reviewing customer service tickets and dissecting underlying problems helps employees truly understand how to fix issues for consumers, and can be replicated for future conversations on similar issues. This attention to detail and delivering fast responses lets customers know that company employees care about fixing issues and giving their customers the best service possible. When companies prove that they value customers through efficient service, customer satisfaction rates are more likely to rise.

Efficiently and effectively resolving issues can create loyalty amongst customers. Not only does retaining customers cost less money than securing new ones, they also may increase a company’s profitability by recommending that company to friends and family. Businesses that can keep customers satisfied through stellar customer service increase the chance of retaining customers who endorse the brand.

How Helpshift Improves First Contact Resolution Rates

Rather than have users call customer support and be transferred between agents to get their issues appropriately addressed, Helpshift’s AI-powered platform automatically categorizes tickets and assigns them to the appropriate agent. Bots can respond instantly to collect additional information and improve self-service so that the actual interaction between the consumer and agent is as efficient as possible. With this system customers will be helped much faster and employees will be given the information they need to support each individual to the best of their abilities.

Additional Information about First Call Resolution

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