Review Monitoring and Response

AppFollow is a service for managing mobile data around reviews, ratings, search positions and keywords. The AppFollow and Helpshift integration allows you to save time responding to your user reviews. Customer support teams can now monitor and respond to reviews left in the App Store, Google Play, Mac App Store, Amazon appstore, Amazon marketplace, and Microsoft Store without leaving their Helpshift dashboard.

Overview of Product

AppFollow helps you track critical data around app updates and reviews. It’s an all-in-one service that includes various tools to answer mobile market needs:

  • User review management and analytics;
  • Organic downloads and search positions;
  • App monitor and competitor analysis

Overview of Integration

Integration with Helpshift allows you to:

  • Receive reviews from the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Mac App Store, and Windows Store in real-time as Helpshift tickets. Each review will have data on user name, platform, device app version, country and time stamp;
  • Respond to iOS, Android and Amazon reviews without redirection to app stores.
  • Track reviews updates and keep history of these changes;
  • Customize what reviews to receive: all, negative, positive, reviews in specific language, etc;
  • NEW! Monitor and respond to reviews on Amazon products.

Check this page to set-up your Helpshift integration with AppFollow

From Reactive to Proactive: Fostering Player Delight
But Playrix didn’t just react to new service requests. They also proactively worked to address poor reviews in the Apple App Store and Google Play. “We use AppFollow to stay abreast of new reviews in the app stores and we respond to players that might’ve had a poor experience. Thankfully, AppFollow and Helpshift work seamlessly together. When we receive a low review, we can reach out to the player via Helpshift to resolve their issue. In doing so we can often improve their review and get them back into the game, which, in turn, helps us acquire new players” said Nataly Kuzmina, Head of Support at Playrix.

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