Live Chat to Phone in No Time

Callingly allows your live chat agents to easily escalate an online conversation to a phone call. With just a few clicks an agent can request a customer’s phone number and initiate a call between the two of them. All calls are automatically tracked, recorded and notes are added to the Helpshift ticket.

Overview of Product

Callingly automatically initiates phone calls between your agents and your customers, providing instant response for sales or support.

  • Escalate online conversations to instant phone calls and make customers happy
  • Route customers to agents intelligently based on schedule, location, or custom traits
  • Record calls, track your results and close the loop on your web analytics data

Overview of Integration

Callingly allows your agents to easily escalate their live chat conversations to a phone call right from Helpshift.

  • Request the customer’s phone number and start the call with just a few clicks.
  • All calls are recorded and logged in the notes for your records.
  • Fix issues quicker and make customers happier by escalating to the phone.