Customer Feedback

Stella Connect works by collecting agent-level feedback from customers after every service interaction. Our humanized and gamified feedback requests delight customers and generate response rates of up to 50%, giving you unmatched visibility into agent performance. Customers can rate agents, leave comments about their experience, suggest rewards or make recommendations for areas of improvement. Feedback is shared directly with agents, managers and QA teams in real-time via streams, dashboards and performance leaderboards.

Overview of Product

Stella Connect is a customer feedback and quality management platform built specifically for CX teams.

  • Automatically send out feedback requests after conversations are closed and an issue has been resolved.
  • Pass interaction tags from Helpshift into Stella Connect to further enrich the agent-level feedback you receive.
  • Link customer feedback within Stella Connect directly to Helpshift conversations for deeper, more actionable context.
  • Create a service recovery workflow to make things right with customers after subpar service interactions.

Overview of Integration

With Stella Connect, you can capture agent-level performance insights and use them to better improve your company.

  • Transform agent engagement and morale.
  • Reduce attrition across your front-line team.
  • Deliver in-the-moment micro coaching.
  • Drive more effective 1:1 meetings.
  • Scale your team more cost effectively.
  • Power incentive and reward programs.
  • Dramatically streamline and enhance your QA.
  • Run high impact service recovery programs.


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