Tencent Cloud is one of the leading cloud providers in the world with a focus on helping global enterprises succeed in China. With an extensive presence across China, global engagement teams based around the world, and decades of experience deeply rooted in delivering optimal digital engagement to its massive user base, Tencent Cloud offers a powerful and robust cloud solution that is specifically designed to address unique challenges faced by enterprises as they expand into China.

Tencent Cloud is part of a rich digital ecosystem that includes some of China’s top social, messaging, mobile payment, gaming, digital literature, music streaming, and video platforms. With over a billion users, Tencent is a global technology leader and the largest technology company in Asia.

Product Overview

WeTest is a one-stop game quality assurance solution. Offering game developers cutting-edge quality assurance tools such as automated testing, compatibility testing, functionality testing, remote device, performance testing, and security testing, WeTest covers all testing stages of games throughout their entire lifecycle. Customers include wildly popular global game titles such as League of Legends and PUBG Mobile. 

Anti-Cheat Expert (ACE) is a professional mobile game security solution. With 24/7 security protection capabilities, ACE supports comprehensive multi-dimensional protection and detection and can be easily accessed by calling 2-3 APIs in a game client, helping mobile game providers quickly cope with game security issues such as cheating and tampering. Currently, it provides stable security services to over 700 million players of hundreds of games including Honor of Kings and Naruto Online.