Mobile In-App Support Powered by Helpshift

If you have a mobile app and want to give your users a better app experience, contact us to learn more about how Helpshift can power an amazing in-app help experience.

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Why Helpshift for In-App Support?

Helpshift is purpose-built for the needs of mobile apps. Its support solution feels native to the app, automates common issues and frees users from waiting for a response. By integrating Helpshift into your app, you can eliminate the frustration of many mobile support experiences and delight your mobile users.

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Respects Users’ Time, Reduces Churn

With Helpshift, users never have to leave your app. Helpshift delivers an embedded help center for mobile apps that is fast, integrated and delivers accurate search results in no time. When they have questions, Helpshift’s mobile-first chat means users can interact when they want, jumping in and out of conversations on their own terms. When they have a new message they receive a push notification, bringing them back into your app. By doing this all within the app, users aren’t drawn away, get their issues resolved quickly and are less likely to churn.

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Highly Automated

Helpshift helps you automate common support questions. When users need support, Helpshift accurately determines their specific need and intent and routes it to microbots that provide immediate responses to common problems. Helpshift can automate up 90% to of user issues, delighting users while reducing support costs.

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Easy to Deploy and Operationalize

Helpshift delivers immediate value to mobile apps. Its SDKs support native iOS and Android and frameworks like Unity, Xamarin and Cocos. Unlike traditional bots, with Helpshift non-technical staff can quickly build bots tailored to their common user issues with little or no coding required. Helpshift delivers great support so your engineers can stay focused on making the core of your app great.

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