Product Announcements

AI and Automation Beta Help Center
Viral Patel
July 17, 2024

Effortlessly enhance your global customer engagement with the new Language AI for FAQ Translations. With just a simple click within the FAQ editor, you can now translate your FAQs into over 70 languages. Join the beta program today for early access and the chance to simplify your FAQ translations.

Key Highlights:

  • Streamlined multilingual content management – Eliminate the need for localization services or manual translation work of adding translations one language at a time.
  • Custom-Trained Engines – Language AI offers engines fine-tuned with brand-specific data for precise, contextual translations that maintain brand voice across languages. We can train custom engines for those interested in further customization at an additional cost. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.
  • Rich Media Formatting – Language AI translation handles rich media formatting, alleviating the tedious manual work required to maintain consistent formatting across different languages.
  • Efficiency Gains and Cost Reduction -This reduces translation expenses and addresses the time-consuming challenge of manually translating FAQ content into multiple languages.
  • Global Reach and Flexibility – Seamlessly translate FAQs into multiple languages to make your help center accessible to a diverse audience. Admins can also manually adjust translations for cultural appropriateness and accuracy.

During the beta, customers who have enabled Language AI for Agent Translations can request a free trial of this feature from the SensAI page.

To know more, visit our help article.

AI and Automation Analytics and Reporting
Viral Patel
July 15, 2024

The new feedback bot analytics dashboard introduces foundational insights from our Feedback Bot’s CSAT surveys, offering a direct look at customer satisfaction levels.​

  • CSAT Trend Analysis –  Visualize changes in customer satisfaction over time to identify impactful service changes.​
  • Issue Trend Analysis – Track the number of issues in which the Feedback Bot is invoked, offering insights into how effectively the bot is utilized in the service resolution process.​
  • Daily Metrics Table – Examine daily issues with feedback bot invocations alongside CSAT scores, handling time, TTFR, resolution metrics, and more for a detailed view into factors influencing customer satisfaction.​

You can find details on the reports and key metrics here.

AI and Automation Help Center Web Support
Viral Patel
May 27, 2024

This new feature is designed to seamlessly integrate Helpshift’s modern support experiences, such as Help Center, Smart Intents, Web chat, AI, and Automation, directly into your website or web app. 

Some key features of this widget are:

  • Enable your users to get support without leaving your website or web app
  • Simple plug-and-play integration
  • Choose between compact and full-window modes to best fit your web design
  • Customizable widget to align with brands’ visual identity, including language setting capability
  • Capture user context for better control over support workflows
  • Configure to show only Help Center, Web chat, or both

Analytics and Reporting Multilingual Support
Viral Patel
May 16, 2024

Evaluate the effectiveness of your Language AI-Agent Translation through our latest Language AI Analytics.

  • Compare issue resolution performance between cases with Language AI translation and those without.
  • Gain insights into the impact of Language AI translation on your issue resolution performance, analyze critical metrics such as CSAT and TTR, and leverage these findings for better feature utilization.

You can find details on the reports and key metrics here.

Help Center
Viral Patel
April 30, 2024

Introducing a new Vertical Navigation Layout in SDK X, providing an improved in-app self-serve experience!  

The Vertical layout comes with collapsible sections that allow users to expand and view specific content as needed, thus reducing excessive scrolling. Users can click on any FAQ section from the vertical FAQ listing, and the FAQs will be displayed vertically. Admins can choose between vertical or horizontal navigation, ensuring that they have the flexibility to customize the navigation layout according to their app’s needs. 

To enable Vertical Navigation Layout, go to Settings ➡️ Branding and Customization ➡️ In-app Navigation Layout ➡️ select Vertical.