Product Announcements

AI and Automation
Viral Patel
April 18, 2024

Multiple attachment capability has been added to the Bot workflow for more comprehensive data collection and smoother interactions! Previously limited to just one attachment, your bot workflows now support up to 10 attachments. 

To know more, visit our help article.

Channels Integrations
Viral Patel
April 15, 2024

You can now integrate Helpshift with your Discord servers, bypassing the need for support team assistance. This self-serve integration helps you gain more control over your Discord integration with self-serve capabilities and tailored configuration.

Notable Highlights

  • World’s first and only support integration with Discord
  • Support for Custom Bots, Feedback Bots, Automatic Intent Assignment, Customer Satisfaction surveys, and two-way communication
  • Discord users can get official support simply by sending a message to the Discord bot or tagging it in any channel

Refer to our help article for more information.

Analytics and Reporting Smart Intent
Viral Patel
April 10, 2024

Gain actionable insights into your Smart Intent (SI) and Automatic Intent Assignment (AIA) performance with the new Intent Analytics Reports.

Notable highlight

  • Analyze issue performance by assigned intent
  • Evaluate individual intent performance
  • Compare issue performance between intent and non-intent cases

You can find details on the reports and key metrics here.

AI and Automation Beta
Viral Patel
October 31, 2023

We are excited to inform you that we have released the Open Beta of our first ChatGPT feature – “AI powered Answers” in a custom bot step. Instead of pulling individual FAQs, ChatGPT will scan your existing knowledge base to combine all relevant FAQs into one single detailed and summarized response to your end users.

This is just the first of several Generative AI features we plan to implement. We can’t wait to see how our ChatGPT-powered bot step transforms the support experience. Join us on this exciting journey today!

AI and Automation Multilingual Support
Viral Patel
October 20, 2023

Language AI now offers custom-trained engines – a new feature providing AI models that are fine-tuned with your specific data. This delivers key advantages over default generic engines:

  • Precise, contextual translations that accurately reflect industry and brand terminology
  • Consistent brand voice and style across languages
  • Ideal for translating industry-specific content containing unique jargon

By training models with your own data, these tailored engines ensure maximum relevance and accuracy for your content, maintaining your brand identity globally.

This is an Add-on service. Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more.