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An activity log is a recorded log of how time is spent. Within organizations, activity logs are typically used to track how employees, in particular, are spending their time. Analyzing activity logs can help improve productivity, address process weaknesses, improve employee time management, and ultimately maximize time spent on improving customer experience.

Why Do Activity Logs Matter to Customer Service?

In customer service in particular, activity logs are highly useful to optimizing the way agents perform. They make it easy to track the details of issues and grant agents and organizations insight into how support is tracking and performing. Activity logs also offer up valuable information such as whether (and which) agents have incorrectly tagged or assigned issues, giving you full visibility into your tickets and agent activity.

Activity logs lend themselves well to comprehensive case management, helping you to orchestrate a seamless, efficient service experience. 

How Helpshift Supports Activity Logs

When using Helpshift, the activity log uncovers all the different touchpoints a customer encounters along their journey, with insight into how much time was spent at each touchpoint until issue resolution. This insight provides robust understanding into how to better optimize processes to manage customer cases. 

The “Show Activity” button on the Helpshift Dashboard allows you track actions made to an issues, including such things as:

  • Agents applying and removing tags
  • Reassignment of issues
  • Inserted FAQs
  • Added notes
  • Resolved conversations

To track the activity of an issue, go to the Issue Detail page and click on “Show Activity.” You’ll then see an activity log showing all actions performed within that issue.

Helpshift’s “Audit Logs” feature is another aspect of activity logs. Audit logs reveals all actions that have been performed on a particular issue, so admins can, for example, see who has added tags to an issue.

Specific features within Helpshift also allow you to act on a customer’s activity history better than you can with most customer service software. These features include quick replies, the ability to insert FAQs into agent responses, and issue sharing.

Additional Information About Activity Logs

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