Finally, a native player support experience for console

Console gaming offers a high quality gaming experience, so why isn’t player support as delightful and engaging as it could be? It’s time to level up your player console support experience by offering in-game support, powered by Helpshift’s QR code API.

Console Customer Support Needs an Upgrade

Efficient support is critical to keep your players loving your game. It’s time to offer them a better support experience.

Today’s gamers demand frictionless support so they can get back to their game. Instead of keeping players in a unified, familiar experience when a problem arises, most games force players to:

  • Wait hours in a queue for phone support
  • Wait days for a response via email
  • Spend more time searching for support on the web in a help forum

The Solution for Easy & Immediate Console Player Support Is Here

You can easily offer your console gamers a smoother, faster and connected modern support experience with an integration of Helpshift QR support

Improve CSAT

Increase Agent Productivity

Increase scalability of your support resources

See it in Action – Watch the Demo Below

Give it a scan and try out Helpshift’s unified player support experience across your entire console entertainment platform

Take your players where they need to go.

Improve the player support experience with contextual support + automation

Contextual support allows for a smooth experience that yields a resolution in seconds

Securely know where the player is in the game and the key problems associated with the game

Save player & agent time by automatically collecting key player information and device information

Route your players to the desired help resources thanks to unique QR codes

Collect the information needed to hand-off to agent support

Automatically authenticate users, and provide in-game context

The Modern Support Journey is the new standard of excellent player support

Automatically pass through player information, device data, and context of the issue.

Automate the most common support issues to deliver quicker resolutions to players.

Tools for smart routing, player segmentation, and partial automation yielding better human support

Easy to Set-up & Integrate

Improve CSAT

Increase Agent Productivity

Increase scalability of your support resources