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That’s why we built the world’s best mobile, app-first customer service solution.
Join us in ridding the world of bad customer service.

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Today’s consumers aren’t just mobile, they’re in-app. So when app users need help, they rightfully expect it to be in-app too.

Learn how four key Helpshift features (SDK X, Help Center 2.0, Smart Intents, and Feedback Bots) work together to create the Modern In-App Support Journey.

Think inside the app.

When mobile users need help, the last thing they want to do is leave your app. That’s why we give them quick and easy in-app help that’s purpose-built for mobile apps and always on.

Let users chat on their terms.

Modern app users prefer messaging over antiquated email and phone support. So, we designed an in-app chat experience that’s easy to use and ready when they are.

Automate satisfaction.

Our bots automatically resolve common user issues and capture support details for agents so users never have to repeat themselves.

Trusted by Leading Mobile Apps

"We saw a real opportunity with Helpshift. First of all, it delivered a fully-native experience with in-app messaging. Players don't want to leave the app to send an email and calling into a call center would be unthinkable. Helpshift delivered a fully integrated experience that delighted our players"

Nataly Kuzmina, Head of Support at Playrix

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“Helpshift has been transformative to our player support experience. Over the course of just over a year, we improved our level of automation. Most importantly, however, we have maintained CSAT throughout while achieving our vision of scaling leaner.”

Ana Celeste Almeida Vieria, Player Support Manager at Nordeus

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"Our customers are getting quicker responses, our chatbot solves many issues without an agent, and we’ve been able to focus our agents on more complex problems.”

Bárbara Borba Moraes, Coordinator of Operations and CX at Guiabolso

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“From a player’s perspective, everything is all in one place. You can play your game, read FAQs, or get help all from within the app. It’s a connected experience right at your fingertips and allows us to be where our players are."

Faye Por, Director of Customer Service, Zynga

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