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Posted on December 17, 2020

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Helpshift winning Live Chat Proddy award - Image showing Head of Customer Service, Head of Product, and Help Bot holding first place award trophy

Helpshift won the Best Live Chat Product Award for 2020 from the Product School, the global leader in product management training with a community of over a million product professionals. These are the people behind #ProductCon, the largest product management conference in the world, and the annual Proddy Awards, a roundup of the best digital products of the year. 

Traditional live chat is not very live.

While live chat is a surprisingly crowded category (there are products for support, sales, marketing, etc.), many vendors in this category cling to a notion of live chat that was born in the instant messaging era. Those users were happy to chat back and forth in real time, like they were on the phone, when both parties were free at the same time. 

Helpshift takes live chat from AOL Instant Messenger to the iMessage era.

Unfortunately, live chat also inherited a lot of the negative aspects of that form of communication, like “there are 12 callers ahead of you, your wait time will be approximately 15 minutes.” That’s not very live. 

This is not your mother’s live chat.

Our definition of live chat means giving users immediate answers to their support questions by pairing bots and agents in a way that respects a user’s time. With Helpshift, they’re not waiting in a queue or tethered to their chat window awaiting a resolution. They get a modern experience tailored for how they prefer to interact. 

We were born mobile. 

Helpshift approaches chat from a mobile-first perspective. Every aspect of the experience is optimized to work on a mobile device and within a mobile app, rather than forcing web and PC technologies into a mobile form factor.

This is why, out of hundreds of vendors, the Product School recognized Helpshift for having the greatest impact in terms of innovation and enabling companies to stand out from the crowd. 

App users deserve better. Join us in ridding the world of bad customer service. Schedule a Helpshift demo or get started with a free trial.

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