Meet Our Leadership Team

Eric Vermillion, CEO

Eric Vermillion


Eric Vermillion, Helpshift leader and CEO, spends his days driving strategy and growth plans, developing high-performance teams, and producing oversized results—globally. No big deal. Before Helpshift, he was instrumental in advancing BlueCat to one of Canada’s most notable software exits and also helped grow revenue at NICE Systems to over $1B. When he’s not leading business transformation, this Purdue University graduate is traveling with his wife and two daughters, forever in search of a great view and an even better glass of red wine.

Ed Jamieson

VP of Global Sales

Ed Jamieson is a hunter and coach at heart, it’s that simple. At Helpshift, Ed is busy helping his team find and close new business.  Prior to joining Helpshift, he spent the last decade in various sales and sales leadership roles at NICE Systems and Ex Libris.  Ed spent 13 years as a high school wrestling coach where his core leadership skills were formed.  He will tell you that the most rewarding part of being a sales leader, or a wrestling coach, is seeing individuals accomplish their goals and do things they have never done before.  Great leaders figure out how to position both individuals and the organization for success.   In his leisure, he spends his time watching his three kids compete in eight different sports!  On the rare occasion he is not hunting new deals or at a junior high volleyball game, he spends his time fly fishing for trout and archery hunting for the great wapiti in his home state of Montana.

Samantha Pang

VP of Customer Success and Growth

Samantha Pang, VP of Customer Success and Growth at Helpshift, is fluent in English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Customer. Between this and her love for travel, she’s particularly well-suited for leading a team that supports over 450 customers globally. Sam is excited about ensuring clients aren’t just “happy” but have everything they need to fully realize long-term ROI. Before Helpshift, she spent six years at DeNA mastering the player experience and collecting a wealth of knowledge. If spare time were real, you’d find Sam on a yoga mat daydreaming about customers. Namaste.

Christine Dart

Global Head of Marketing

A creative at heart, Christine is a hybrid marketing professional with a love for both strategy and design. She believes in marketing that is practical, repeatable, UX-friendly, and data-driven. While those elements are each important, Christine believes the golden ticket in marketing is a strong sense of empathy… what pain points do our prospects and customers have, what does their buyer journey look like, does their experience with the brand feel amazing? When she’s not dreaming up new marketing concepts, you can find Christine climbing mountains with her dog, Hobbes, kayaking, snowboarding, dancing, or painting.

Pavan Kumat

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Pavan Kumat is a tech enthusiast with a strong passion for creating impactful products. Pavan brings an impressive track record, having successfully guided Fortune 500 companies to success through product development strategies and aligning technology initiatives with business objectives. His expertise spans from building technology for stock exchanges to insurance, aerospace and high-tech industries across the globe. Currently leading product innovation at Helpshift, Pavan is dedicated to taking it to the next level.

When Pavan isn’t crafting cutting-edge products, you’ll find him playing table tennis with his son, making smart money moves with quant trading, and exploring new places with his wife, Rashmi. Pavan brings both the brains and heart to our tech-driven endeavors, making him an invaluable leader in our journey of excellence.

Sarabjeet Gill

Global Head of People & Culture

Sarabjeet Gill is passionate about helping organizations reach their maximum potential by implementing transformative people programs and practices into place, eventually helping them grow exponentially/ achieve exceptional growth. As Head of People at Helpshift, Sarabjeet focuses his attention, and that of his team, on targeted people initiatives to drive growth and engagement concurrently, such as recruiting top talent globally and evolving the company’s unique culture through the hyper-scaling process. Prior to Helpshift, Sarabjeet worked closely with senior leadership teams across the industry to ensure seamless integration between people initiatives and organization’s mission and vision.

Sarabjeet is happily married and a proud father of a handsome and notorious 3-year-old son who keeps him well occupied post office hours. Sarabjeet loves traveling and dreams to cover the whole world one day. In his free time, he thoroughly enjoys blogging and networking.

Seb Ohsan Berthelsen

Director, Strategic Projects

Seb Ohsan Berthelsen is passionate about empowering great people with great data-informed processes and workflows. Prior to joining Helpshift, Seb graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Economics and then spent 23 years in publishing, production and operations roles in the videogame industry, supporting the release of some of the biggest and best IPs around. In his downtime he is equally happy foraging for mushrooms in the forests of his native Norway as he is hunting for dive bars and street food stalls on his travels around the world.

Dipesh Bhupta

Finance Controller

Dipesh Bhupta is a seasoned finance professional with a wealth of experience in the financial industry. With a career that spans corporate giants, Big 4 and the dynamic world of startups, he brings a unique blend of expertise and innovation to Finance function at Helpshift.

Having honed his expertise in the rigorous environment of the Big 4, he has a comprehensive understanding of complex financial structures, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning. When this Chartered Accountant is not around the numbers and navigating the complexities of spreadsheets and financial intricacies he his exploring the new places with family and studying the geopolitics.

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