Metashift Phase One

In-App Feedback & Help Center

Feedback Collection Made Easy

Helpshift’s free Feedback+ SDK helps you easily collect user insights and bug & crash reports right within your app. It includes a customizable Help Center to give users the power of self-service while navigating your app.

What can you do with Feedback+?

Collect Real-Time Feedback

Discover what users love (or don’t) about your app. Metadata is automatically collected with each submission to help you gain a well-rounded perspective of the experience.

Improvement Suggestions

Hey, we all have blindspots! When your team is really close to the product, they might not realize an experience isn’t as intuitive as it should be or that a highly desired feature is missing. Give your users the power to suggest improvements so you can identify the top-requested features and what to iterate on to make your app a cut above the rest.

Bug & Crash Reporting

Squash the bugs before they drive your users away! Users can report bugs and attach screenshots with a couple quick taps. Automatically collected metadata can help you understand critical device and version information so that your team can troubleshoot quickly.

Gateway to the Metaverse

Our Feedback+ SDK is also Phase One of the rollout of Metashift, the first customer support solution for the new generation of Metaverse apps! Feedback+ users will gain access to additional features for the Metaverse that are rolling out soon including support for NFTs, cryptocurrency, and self-sovereign identities.

Feedback+ Plan includes 250 feedback, improvement, and bug submissions per month

Great product experiences offer great user resources. Use our tools to easily deploy a modern in-app Help Center

Feedback+ SDK comes with templates to easily stand-up a modern FAQ center in-app.

No more digging through email for user feedback—our dashboard allows your team to create customized smart views and filters to organize your user insights.

Feedback+ SDK comes with access to Helpshift’s basic dashboard

In-app feedback delivers quicker insights to your team to fuel faster app improvements

Your product experience is in-app, shouldn’t your collection of user feedback be as well?

Easy to set-up and integrate

The better the SDK, the easier it is to deploy, customize, and test specific functionalities of a customer service platform. Helpshift’s Feedback+ SDK comes complete with step-by-step instructions for both iOS developers and Android developers to make integration easier than ever.

If you’re new to support SDKs, we’ve got you covered! Check out our eBook, the Complete Guide to In-App Support SDKs.


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Our Feedback+ SDK is completely free. With that, you’ll be able to collect up to 250 feedbacks each month. Once you reach the monthly max, you won’t be able to receive more feedback until the next month

Our easy-to-integrate Feedback+ SDK is built for quick deployment. You can read all the details in the developer guide.

Check out our Complete Guide to In-App Support SDKs eBook. Learn how to support app users and developers from pre-launch through ongoing use.

Helpshift takes security seriously. That’s why we invest in the team, tools, and processes that keep your data safe, including completing a successful SOC 2 examination. Learn more about how we’re committed to keeping your data safe.

Your product & development teams are hungry for real feedback from real users. Help them get the insights they need!

Working on nailing product-market fit for your app?

Trying to pin down what’s missing that will help you grow your MAU?

Getting ready to launch a new feature?

Go beyond bug reporting alone! Allow users the ability to provide feedback and submit suggestions for improvement too.

Ready to do this?