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Webinar: Join the Responsible Moderation Revolution! A New Approach for Trust & Safety!

In this engaging and interactive discussion, Greg Posner, host of the Player: Engage podcast, will welcome Sharon Fisher, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in Trust & Safety at Club Penguin, Disney, andTwo Hat (Microsoft), as well as Sabine Earnst, Wellbeing & Resilience Program Manager at Keywords Studios

Webinar: The Art of AI-Infused Support!

Explore how a thoughtfully designed AI strategy paves the way for efficient and effective AI utilization. Discover this transformation in our exclusive webinar, where we explore practical AI integration in Helpshift’s Modern Support Journey and its impact on customer interactions. Be a part of the conversation and shape the future of support.

Webinar: Scaling the Unscalable: A practical approach to community & content moderation at scale!

Taking care of your players, and launching, growing and sustaining your game’s fan community can be a bumpy ride. From players sounding off online about undetected issues, to bad actors threatening the community with toxic elements — any number of problems can hurt your growth and retention rates.

Webinar: Game Moderation is Hard!

Game moderation may seem difficult, but we have tips to make it easier! Join this online panel hosted by Helpshift, featuring trust and safety leaders from Keywords Studios, Two Hat, and our special guest speaker, Nate Sawatzky, Trust & Safety Lead at Supercell!

Webinar: Helpshift 2023: Product Sneak Peek!

This webinar will showcase the key feature launches and improvements of the past quarter and how your team can use them to improve your player support experience while enhancing agent productivity.

Webinar: Player Obsessed! How to Build Exceptional Player Experiences

Join Helpshift, and Affogata as they walk through 2023 player experience trends and the powerful technologies that top game studios leverage to retain, engage and grow their user base.

Panel: 4 Tools to Build the Best Player Experience ever!

In this session, the Lead Technology Strategist at Tencent Cloud and the Director Solution Engineering at Helpshift will discuss 4 must-have tools to build the best player experience ever!

Webinar Series: The Art of a Successful App Launch

Join us for our upcoming multipart webinar series covering critical topics for app launches.

Webinar: How to use Intent Classification to Decrease TTR and Improve CSAT

Experience the power of intent-driven automation.

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