The Best Mobile-First Customer Service

Why Top Apps Choose Helpshift for Modern, Mobile-First Customer Support.

Five Reasons to Choose Helpshift

  • We were purpose-built for mobile.
    Our battle-tested SDK delivers modern chat and automations for the fastest in-app responses.
  • We offer the most modern chat available.
    Our chat delivers the experience users prefer with in-app conversations and asynchronous messaging, going beyond basic “live chat.”
  • We help you automate more issues.
    Our bots access backend systems via APIs and “speak” over 180 languages for more expedited auto-resolutions.
  • We make it easy to get up and running.
    We offer SDKs for all major OSes and development frameworks, and our Visual Bot Builder drastically simplifies bot building.
  • We give you unmatched insights to improve your app.
    CSAT surveys and issue trend reports help you see the big picture and build a better product roadmap.

Compare for Yourself

Solution CharacteristicsHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
Ideal ForHigh volume mobile apps, high demands for quick response/resolutionLow-volume, email-based support, issues with lengthy investigations by agents
How Issues are ManagedContinuous conversations with the full context of previous interactionsDiscreet tickets, often duplicate tickets are created per channel
PricingUsage-based flexible pricingAgent-based, “call center” style pricing
Free Trial AvailableYesYes
Integration Easy, out-of-the-box, single SDKExtensive development work typically required, multiple pieces and SDKs to integrate
ArchitectureSingle, integrated solutionMultiple, cobbled together components
Implementation TimeHoursMonths

Key Capabilities to Look for When Evaluating a Mobile-first
Customer Service Platform:

SDKs and IntegrationHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
Web Chat
Customizable Branding
ChatHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
In-App ChatLive chat only
Web ChatLive chat only
Live Chat
Asynchronous Messaging
Rich messaging
(images, attachments, emojis, etc.)
Multichannel / Omnichannel Communication
Other Support ChannelsHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
Web Support
Email Support
Phone IntegrationAmazon Connect
AutomationHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Out-of-the-box, meant to effectively classify issuesLimited. Works with 3rd party toolkits after major integration
BotsIncluding complex workflowsSimple answer bots only
Information Collection BotsTypically requires third-party add-on
APIs in Bots to Access Systems of Record
Number of Languages Bots Can “Speak” 180+ i English only
Intent-Based RoutingHighly accurate
Visual Bot BuilderBasic workflows only
Bot Handoff Issue to Agent
Agent Handoff Issue to Bot
Automatic Capture of App Data for
Issue Resolution
HelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
App Metadata (OS type, app version,
device type, etc.)
Custom Data (VIP level, date of last
purchase. etc.)
Self-ServiceHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
In-App Help CenterOut-of-the-boxRequires customization
Web Help Center / Self-Service Portal
Customizable Branding of Help Centers
Bots to Search Knowledge Base for Relevant ArticlesOnly hand-picked articles can be displayed
Knowledge Base
Ticketing and Issue RoutingHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
Issue RoutingBased on skill set, VIP level, customer intent, etc.Basic skills-based routing only
Workflow ConfigurationTypically requires third-party add-on
SLA Management
Escalation if SLA Not Met
Specialty Queues for Specific Agent Skills
Agent Desktop and ToolsHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
Agent Desktop
Role-Based Access
Full Message History
Access to Previous Case
Macros / Templated Responses
User Feedback and Bug ReportingHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
CSAT SurveysIn-chat session for high response rate includedVia email, lower response rates, extra cost
Issue SearchLimited
Issue AnalyticsBased on automatically applied intent classificationLimited and manual
Analytics APIs
Operations ReportingHelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
Real-Time Operations Dashboards
Advanced Reporting via BI Tools
Full Activity Log
Mobile Scaling HelpshiftOther Customer Service Software
Mobile ScaleTested with high volume mobile apps, millions of usersOnly tested with smaller apps, untested at high scale
Ability to Surge Capacity During SpikesEasy. Add new agents instantly, at no additional costDifficult. Need to buy new licenses for every new agent
Typical Percentage of issues Automated70-95%6-10%

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