Online Agent Desktop

Give your agents super powers.

Arm them with a unified agent desktop that helps them see, know, and do more.

Keywords Studios Player Support

Keywords Studios’ solutions have got your back when it comes to leveling up your player support experience. We have all the tools and expertise to keep your players happy and engaged. Whether it’s handling support tickets like lightning or building lively communities on social media, we’ve got you covered.

Our player support services include one-on-one assistance, community management, and social media wizardry. We know what players want – mind-blowing experiences, top-notch customer support, and a sense of belonging to awesome game communities. With our global capabilities and flexible supply, we’ll make sure your players stay thrilled and your games soar to new heights. Plus, we offer 24-hour support in over 50 languages, solutions for projects of all sizes, and a bunch of tech-savvy expertise.

We’re serious about quality, data protection, and privacy, with a dedicated Quality Control team and GDPR know-how. We also rock at community management, making sure your game communities are buzzing with excitement. Oh, and did we mention our trusty moderation services? We’ll keep your platform safe, clean, and super-friendly, all while having your back with technology management and strategy.

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How Agent Desktop Works

Agent Desktop dramatically improves the productivity of your team, by equipping them with the automated tools they need to expand their capabilities by giving agents the ability to communicate with customers and team members across various channels. The unified agent desktop platform provides teams with full visibility on cases, ticket data and interaction history, enabling speedy prioritization of all tasks.

With Agent Desktop, teams immediately become more efficient, and customers benefit from a faster, better informed experience. Agent Desktop even enables teams to segment user data to automatically route issues to the correct departments. Using your unified agent desktop platform, you’ll also be able to explore new opportunities in personalization, to improve the customer experience further. An omnichannel agent desktop supports a holistic view of each customer on a single interface resulting in personalized customer service for each individual.

Intelligent Issue Classification & Routing

Dynamically route the right issues to the right experts based on custom user segments.

Unified Agent Desktop

Empower agents to resolve issues more quickly with an easy-to-use control panel for lightning fast access to important issue data.

A Better Customer Service Experience

Effectively pair bots and agents to give users the best of both worlds–expertise and speed–while freeing agents from rote tasks.

Agent Desktop Reporting & Analytics

Get instant access to agent productivity and CSAT metrics so managers can effectively monitor and manage agent desktop support operations.

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