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The Future of Support

Already known as the de facto solution for creating amazing in-app support experiences that keep users engaged in the mobile app, Helpshift has launched Metashift, a 3-phase rollout of new patented technologies designed for support experiences in the Metaverse

Why Metashift? Watch this deep-dive discussion to learn more about the coming support needs for the Metaverse and to see Metashift in action.

Phase 1: Free Feedback & Bug Reporting

Feedback is the foundation of an exceptional customer experience. Make sure yours is outstanding by allowing users to easily provide feedback and report bugs or crashes.

Now available for free for in-app and AR experiences!

Phase 2: Blockchain Verification, NFT, & Identity Support

Easily identify users and help them protect their assets through blockchain verification.

Anticipated availability: 2023

Phase 3: VR Support

Allow your users to stay in their virtual world through native VR support.

Anticipated availability: 2023

Phase One: Free Feedback & Bug Reporting

Success starts with product-market fit and a stellar user experience. To thrive in the Metaverse, or even in the mobile app marketplace, companies must prioritize user experience in order to prevent churn and, better yet, to create raving fans. If you don’t provide an easy way for your users to provide feedback and report bugs or crashes, how will you know if they’re running into issues within the experience… or if they even like it to begin with? Whether you’re already offering a Metaverse experience to your users or just curious about what plan of action you’ll need to have in place when you do, Helpshift’s new (and free) feedback SDK is a must. Phase One of Metashift will be available for download May 3rd for in-app and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. Get on the waitlist now so you can be the first to get started with free Feedback and Bug Reporting!

Phase Two: Blockchain Verification, NFT, & Identity Support

Along with the emergence of the Metaverse, there are new technologies that need to be accommodated. Users now own virtual assets like NFTs that can have considerable value and user identity theft is a big risk. Phase Two of Metashift ensures that users’ virtual identities and assets can be supported across the Metaverse through blockchain verification. This feature is slated to be available starting Q3 2022. Sign up for the waitlist to receive the latest updates on the blockchain verification system.

Phase Three: Native VR Support

As user experiences evolve to become more engaging and immersive, so must the support journey. Helpshift is already well known for enabling companies with incredible in-app support experiences, so it’s no surprise that we are evolving with our customers to help support users within virtual worlds. That’s why Helpshift is in the process of building the first support solution for the VR Metaverse experience. Users shouldn’t have to leave virtual reality in order to get support and Phase Three of Metashift is addressing that. Users will be able to access FAQs, self-serve with AI-driven intents, leave feedback, and report bugs and crashes right from the VR experience. VR support is slated to be available starting Q4 2022. Sign up for the waitlist for updates.

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