Customer-First Conversational AI

Introducing Smart Intents. Make it easy for your customers to go from problem to solution in just seconds.

Customers Want to Feel Understood

Created with a personalized user experience in mind, Smart Intents delivers an AI guided end-user support experience that is efficient and delightful.

Unlike other Conversational AI platforms, Smart Intents draws from a customer’s existing identity data, in-app context, and expressed intent to surface the most relevant problem types.

Smart intents quickly and accurately classifies intent at the start of the issue journey. Smart Intents can take customers from problem to solution in seconds thanks to predefined workflows tied to the most common specific intents—that are confirmed by the customer.

Smart Intents is Tailored-Made for Your Industry

We have special intent menu templates ready built from years of automation experience and billions of customer support issues analyzed.

By utilizing Smart Intents as the basis for 90% of support journeys, our customer Paymentshield maximized its ability to automate resolutions and offer self-service opportunities to clients who prioritized speedy resolution. During Q1 2022 issues with intents had a CSAT of 3.96 and issues without intents had a CSAT of 3.76.

Easily Launch Smart Intents

We make it easy to setup your AI-driven Support Experiences. Smart Intents can be launched in just a few steps.

Easily Scale Your Support Across Apps & Geographies

Smart Intents auto-translates and trains model in over 12 languages. There is no need to re-train your model for every new language.

Unleash the Full Power of AI Classification & Automation

You know your business, we know scalable automation & Segmentation.

With Helpshift, issue automations can be curated by our brands depending on what optimizes workflows and achieve their support KPIs. 

We don’t limit the available workflow automations tied to your intent menus, in fact, we offer powerful segmentation and rich branching tools to customize your workflows to optimize for your support goals.

Why Helpshift’s Conversational AI

Unlike other Conversational AI platforms that are bolted onto the prior generation of support solutions, Helpshift began as an AI & automation platform built for modern companies and customer experiences. Tried and tested, Helpshift delivers high-confidence results.

Ready to Discover the Full Potential of AI & Automation?

Smart Intents is part of the Helpshift platform. Get started with a demo to see it in action. Or you can learn more about how our customer Paymentshield is finding success by leveraging Smart Intents.

Improve CSAT

Increase Agent Productivity

Increase scalability of your support resources