In-App Help

Don’t chase users away.

Provide them with in-app help so they never have to leave.

Provide More with In-App Support

Create frictionless in-app customer experiences by keeping your help desk where your customers are. Provide in-app support to enable them to interact with your customer service team, chatbots and help center within the familiar confines of your app. Customers never have to leave it, instead conversations are kept in context and use a messaging interface that mimics the way they are used to communicating. Maintain brand consistency and remove the frustration from the customer support journey.

In-App Chat Help

Empower users to chat with support and get issues resolved while staying in-app.

Mobile SDKs

Say goodbye to developer backlogs with our lightweight, set-it-and-forget-it mobile SDK that supports any device and OS version, and common frameworks.

Automated In-App Help

Automatically resolve over 90% of issues with help bots and better prioritize agent time.

In-App Help Center

Keep users right where they want to be with a help center that provides instant answers to common support questions.

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