Help Bots and Automation

Today’s users have a need for speed.

Enlist help bots & automation to automate issue resolution and speed time-to-happiness.

flow chat showing how intent classification happens with help bots and automation

Intent Classification

Problems can’t be resolved if they aren’t understood. Quickly identify the best path to resolution with automated intent classification.

Helpshift Bots

Agents shouldn’t be human robots. Use help bots to collect issue information, complete rote tasks or even fully resolve common issues.

mobile device showing customer service chat exchange where help bots and automation collect user information
Robot and head of customer service easily building help bots and automation flows.

Visual Bot Builder

Bot building shouldn’t require a PhD. Build help bots in minutes with a visual solution that doesn’t depend on developers or IT.

Bot Templates

No support team should reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of pre-built help bots to incorporate best practices from the world’s top mobile games and apps.

Bot templates make it easy to ceate help bots and automation
flow chart showing Helpshfit's help bots and automation available in many foreign languages

Multilingual Bots

Are your users getting lost in translation? Make sure your bots speak as many languages as your customers do with support for over 180 languages.

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