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Support tickets play a vital role in customer service. Used by a huge range of different businesses, support tickets enable customer service teams to provide a high standard of service, by communicating with their customers quickly and efficiently. The practice of support ticketing is also valuable when it comes to organizing tasks within customer service, and ensuring consistency across different departments. 

What Is a Support Ticket?

The term support ticket refers to a type of interaction between a customer support team and a customer. Tickets can be opened by customers whenever they have an issue that requires the attention of a customer support team. 

Support tickets are then handled by customer service teams, who will go through support tickets, in turn, to solve customers’ problems and answer any queries they may have. Support tickets help to keep the workload of customer service organized. Once a query has been solved, tickets can be closed by a customer service representative. 

Why Are Support Tickets Important?

Support tickets are an important part of customer service. They can make a real difference to the customer experience, enabling teams to deliver helpful advice and solutions in an efficient way. 

Simply put, using tickets provides customer service teams with the means to quickly categorize different queries and problems, and divert them to the team members best equipped to solve them. They also help customer service staff organize their workload and prioritize customer queries to help with the most time-critical problems first. 

Support tickets ensure customer support teams have plenty of data available to guide the assistance they’re able to offer. Not only does this make the task easier for the customer service representative, but it also makes a huge difference to how customers perceive the help that they’re offered, and therefore how they feel about their experience once the problem has been solved. 

Support Ticket Systems 

Support ticketing systems streamline the practice of using tickets in customer service. The specialized software relies on automated technology, to help customer service teams deliver a standout experience for every customer. 

Automated technology is used to record, manage and prioritize customers’ problems and queries. This ensures efficiency no matter how complex or time-sensitive customers’ questions are. The most complex questions can be investigated first, and greater attention can be diverted to the most serious issues that customers might have. 

Support ticket software enables businesses to provide the best possible standard of customer service, to every customer who gets in touch. It also makes it possible for teams to ensure consistency across their customer service offering, to make sure all customers feel valued no matter what their question or problem might be. 

Helpshift and Support Ticketing

Helpshift delivers exceptional ticketing and support software, and it’s all easily accessible through one platform. With Helpshift, the capabilities of support staff are elevated, and customer experiences can be dramatically improved. 

The Helpshift agent desktop provides an easy way to improve interactions between support staff and customers, keeping tickets prioritized and organized. Using the platform, customer support teams can provide a better standard of service, without having to invest any more time or money into its delivery. 

Automatic issue classification powered by Predict streamlines the ticketing process helping to maximize productivity. Once a ticket is classified, the issues are seamlessly routed to the best area for resolution whether that is a human agent or self-serve knowledge base. Further opportunities to improve are offered via the platform’s data collection features, which provide endless insights into the customer experience as a whole. These insights can quickly be put to use in the planning and delivery of future customer service strategies, ensuring the continued optimization of the customer experience. 

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