Harness User Feedback to Drive Action

unitQ turns qualitative user feedback into data-driven insights that help companies like Chime, AppLovin, Spotify, and Strava improve product quality. unitQ’s AI-enabled monitoring platform consolidates feedback into a central repository, and uses ML to help companies detect, quantify, and fix the most impactful quality issues faster.

  • Reduce incoming support ticket volumes
  • Faster feedback loop from user issues to drive better product quality
  • Faster & better decision making
  • Deeper understanding of trends and quality issue prioritization
  • Improve product quality score (unitQ score)
  • Reduce customer churn & improve NPS

Overview of Product

Access all user feedback, product insights, metadata, and sentiment analysis in one centralized place to get a single source of truth around your product’s health and quality.

Get an early warning for quality issues with automated detection and notifications that filter the noise to surface signals before they become widespread problems.

Build a data-driven quality machine to put the right user feedback insights in the right hands for better, smarter product decisions.

All user feedback is normalized and indexed into a powerful search engine so you can instantly search feedback across multiple sources with ease.

Overview of Integration

unitQ automatically scans & analyzes user feedback from Helpshift Issues and other public feedback channels (Google Play, App Store, Twitter, Reddit), to detect, uncover and track potential quality issues with your product, in real-time.

Stay on top of product quality with real-time alerts of new and trending software bugs and quality related issues reported in any language, region or platform.

Send user reviews, product issues, or quality trends to specific teams in your organization via Slack, Jira or Pagerduty, making it easy to monitor what users are saying about your product in real-time.