Unifying Your Channels has Never been Easier

Whether an interaction starts over the phone, in a live chat window, or over email, Helpshift messaging brings every channel together in a single, customer-facing thread. Helpshift’s Connected Customer Conversations Platform consolidates and streamlines communication channels so your customers can contact you from any channel and they never have to repeat themselves or start over.

Master the Mobile Experience

Keep your customers in your app. Add Helpshift Messaging to your app or website to create a conversational experience that is available 24×7. With Helpshift Messaging, your customers will have an ongoing conversation on their time, and be free to leave, come back, and pick-up right where they left off.

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Elevate Your Service with Intelligent Classification and Bots

Respond to customers faster, resolve issues more effectively, lighten agent workloads, and lower your cost of support. Helpshift’s AI-powered classification engine eliminates manual triage, making it possible to route thousands of requests per minute. Plus, Helpshift’s powerful bot capabilities solve issues instantly.

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Empower Your Agents

Give your agents world-class tools within a supercharged case management system, and see their productivity skyrocket. Helpshift’s comprehensive agent desktop, which combines an intuitive user interface, rich metadata, and a complete history of your customers’ interactions, enables your agents to be more productive than ever. When bots and AI take care of repetitive tasks, agent productivity goes up while time to resolution goes down.

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Zynga support handles 185% more tickets with Helpshift.

Frustration-Free Self-Service

When customers can effectively help themselves, it not only makes them happier because they can get instant answers, it can also have a meaningful impact on overall contact center volume. Take the frustration out of self-service with Helpshift’s AI-Powered QuickSearch Bot to deliver relevant article suggestions. Or use Helpshift’s mobile and web knowledge portals to give customers instant answers to common questions.

Self-Service that Works (so you don’t have to)

It’s Easy to Get Started.