Intelligent Customer Self-Service App

AI takes the frustration out of mobile customer support with fast self-service apps, informative help centers and easy access to live agents.

AI-Powered QuickSearch Bot

Your knowledge base can drive intelligent customer recommendations with the flip of a switch. Helpshift’s machine learning engine learns from customer queries, and our AI-powered QuickSearch Bot delivers fast and accurate customer responses to both deflect queries and seamlessly handoff complex issues to agents.

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Self Service Mobile Help Center

Simplify in-app self-service with Helpshift’s Mobile Help Center. Deliver content and FAQs across each of your specific mobile platforms and self service apps. Using the self service mobile app, you’ll be able to deliver all the articles your customers need – in a format that’s set up and ready for mobile viewing. A powerful search function auto populates user queries based on existing content, enhancing the experience further.

Find out how Vivino leverages Helpshift’s self-service app features to deflect 95% of their tickets.

Web Help Center

Helpshift’s Web Help Center makes self-service a piece of cake. You can support customers in 48 native languages, deliver an on-brand experience and use powerful analytics to provide insight into common queries and gaps in your current knowledge base content.

Ticket Deflection is the Name of the Game

With Helpshift Web Messaging, customers never have to wait on hold, they can respond on their own time, and they have the ability to return to the conversation at any time. Organizations increase operational efficiency as agents can support two to four times as many customers as compared to live chat.

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