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Dive into Customer Service Analytics

Get ahead of customer pain points by reviewing issue trends, response times, and ticket volume spikes. You can also observe CSAT and other metrics to address concerns and improve your support organization’s overall performance.

Agent Analytics Dashboard

Agent Support Analytics Improve Customer Services

Helpshift’s agent support analytics allow you to monitor and evaluate the performance of your team and each individual agent. You can assess activity, efficiency, productivity, and quality of support, all from one dashboard.

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Knowledge Analytics Tell All

Track your customers’ searches, evaluate FAQ efficacy and develop content that is in line with what your users are looking for with our deflection rate monitoring and reporting. Microsoft Power BI enables you to track successful and failed deflections by FAQ section, language, and device.


Customer Service Analytics Success Metrics

Start tracking the most important customer service analytics metrics, and you’ll soon see how your support offering could be improved.

Use valuable metrics such as ticket volume, average resolution time, customer satisfaction score and average reply times to gain a deeper understanding of the standard of customer support that your company is currently offering. Then, start exploring new ways of improving these metrics to elevate your customer experience.

Track metrics regularly to see how support upgrades are affecting real experiences, and keep an eye on data in real time to provide the most dynamic and flexible customer service offering.

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Custom Reporting for Customer Service Analytics

Our user-friendly, self-service tools help you transform your analytics into custom reports with compelling data visualizations that make all of your data easier to comprehend at first glance.

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