Trust at Helpshift

Battle-tested security, scalability and stability to support the world's largest brands.

Deliver consistent, reliable and secure
support at scale

Helpshift is designed for massive scale to exceed the needs of the most demanding organizations. The world’s largest brands use Helpshift to support 980 million devices for 80 million conversations per year with a 50ms response time.

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Enterprise Scalability

• Elastic: Horizontal scalability enables an automatic increase
in service capacity based on demand.

• High Performing: Easily handles over 150,000 requests per
second at 50 millisecond response times.

• Intuitively Designed: Users easily onboard within minutes.
No extensive training needed.


Multidimensional Security

• Compliant: Helpshift is Privacy Shield certified, compliant with GDPR, COPPA and very soon ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018. Helpshift services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS is additionally compliant with PCI DSS, SCO 1/2/3; HIPPA, ITAR, EU-US and NIST.

• Secure Data: TLS Encryption while transmitting data over public networks and data encryption at rest.

• Secure Network: Denial of Service protection and regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing


High Availability

  Continuously Monitored: Production services are monitored 24×7 and service health metrics are updated here.

  Resilient Architecture: Stateless and service oriented (SOA) architecture enables fault isolation, loose coupling, and simpler testing.

  Resilient Infrastructure: Service instances are clustered to ensure that traffic is unaffected if some instances degrade
or fail. Load balancing also ensures that capacity can be added effortlessly when required, without affecting currently served production traffic.


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