Augment Your Customer Service with Zendesk and Salesforce Integration

Our ready-to-go, native integrations let you modernize customer support without replacing your existing CRM.

Easily Integrate Your Zendesk or Salesforce Service Cloud with Helpshift

There’s no need to replace your current CRM system in order to start accessing the benefits of Helpshift. You can easily integrate your Zendesk or Salesforce Service Cloud, and start exploring your improved capabilities within days.

Using turnkey bots and artificial intelligence, our platform can integrate seamlessly with commonly used CRM systems, making the whole process a quick and painless one. Our specially designed Zendesk salesforce integration means you’ll be able to get your new customer support offering up and running before you know it, with minimal fuss or interruptions for in-house teams.

Contact our team and we’ll talk you through how your existing systems could be integrated with Helpshift.

Helpshift and Salesforce Integration

Say goodbye to legacy live chat, and hello to modern asynchronous messaging. Helpshift’s Lightning-ready AppExchange App allows you to elevate digital service channels with messaging, turnkey bots and AI, and your agents will never need to leave the Service Cloud Console.

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Helpshift and Zendesk Integration

Helpshift’s modern, messaging-based support helps you transition from your email-centric support model while still operating out of Zendesk. Our turnkey bots and AI automate complex service workflows allow agents to stay within the Zendesk dashboard, and enable you to go live within days.

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