Since customer retention is essential for all mobile apps to succeed, many companies have discovered that customer service is a de-facto sales platform which keeps clients happily subscribed. What’s more — those happy customers are far more likely to increase your revenue by recommending your product to their friends. Lauren Kasner, Customer Support at Grokker, describes how emphasizing excellent customer care has been a valuable boon for her company.

This interview covers how Grokker:

  • Successfully migrated their web community to a mobile platform without development trouble.
  • Increased their subscription rates by correctly engaging frustrated customers.
  • Bolstered their community of evangelists to ultimately lower acquisition costs.

What’s the inspiration behind Grokker?

It all started when our CEO and Founder, Lorna Borenstein, was looking for Yoga videos while on vacation with her family. She simply couldn’t find any high-quality yoga videos. She thought: Why not make it easy for people to get better at what they love through high-quality, video content? So, she created Grokker — a one-stop wellness shop that makes it easy for anyone to achieve their wellness goals on their time.

Being part of the most mobile generation in history, we at Grokker felt it was crucial to create an app so users can become better at what they love anytime, anywhere. We needed a solution that would allow us to smoothly bring our vision into the mobile marketplace.

So Helpshift has better enabled Grokker’s mobile product vision?

Absolutely! Helpshift allows us to measure the questions & answers that best provide the help our subscribers need. Without Helpshift we would have to create a separate mobile FAQ and wouldn’t be able to manage it all from one central hub. The extra work would have put a damper on our development progress. We’re also now more likely to hear from customers who are frustrated rather than not hear from them at all. That’s great, because it helps me go to our product team with a plan!

In fact, Helpshift places all the communications from our mobile and web support email aliases into one central bucket. I can go into one dashboard and see every issue that has been opened, resolved, or not resolved. Customer needs are easily navigable and don’t get mixed with our internal communications. Grokker has an amazing product vision — Helpshift has allowed us to provide the support customers expect from that.

Excellent service has gotten you more subscriptions?

There have been multiple occasions where we’ve transformed a user who was frustrated to a dedicated subscriber. We get a lot of praise and gratitude for helping our users quickly and effectively. It’s humbling to hear how our platform has changed people’s lives.

Using Helpshift, Grokker provides the instant support that Patricia will tell anyone about!

Grokker is built around a community of enthusiasts and professionals who are on a quest to become better at what they love, and we’re here to support them along their journeys. We truly believe in creating 1:1 relationships. We’re now able to translate that into our support using Helpshift, and that’s definitely what we want.

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