Top revenue-generating brands keep customers in the app!

Join the 14 of the top 20 revenue-generating apps who trust Helpshift for customer support. (Unless you don’t care about app revenue growth…)

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They’ve figured out this 1 thing:

If customers leave your app after needing help, for any reason, there is a high probability they’ll never come back.

So meet them where they are, and create a support environment they can thrive in.

They see past the omnichannel buzz and give customers what they really want

24/7 access to your brand through your mobile app.

We make it easier to meet your customers
where they already are

Intelligent mobile customer service with seamless, low-code implementation designed to keep them in the app

We definitely see the app as something that has better conversion. All the data around the app is better than the mobile site, and website.

We also believe that although interactions with the customer service can be divided into groups, meaning a sell side or serve postal delivery service side, we also see data that says that when interacting with customer service, conversion goes up as well.

CEO, Head of Global E-Commerce, $1.2 billion revenue