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Helpshift is the market leader for support in mobile gaming. Helpshift’s AI and bots help gaming companies manage traffic spikes, scale support services to millions of active mobile users, and identify issues before they disrupt game play.
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Instant, In-Game Answers

Helpshift is your native in-game support portal. Players can self-serve without leaving the game and start an in-app messaging conversation with an agent. With bots, our gaming customers have fully automated 70% of player questions, dramatically improving player satisfaction and support costs.
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Launch New Games with Confidence

Staffing appropriately for player support is a top consideration for new games, which is why you want a platform that has a long track record of scalability: we already help over a million players per day get the answers they’re looking for. With Helpshift, better self-service and higher agent productivity means smarter staffing for your support team.

True Cross-Platform Support

Deliver frustration-free support to your players regardless of the platform they play on. Helpshift is purpose-built to support players on their mobile phones, tablets, PCs or anywhere else. Your players will love the ease and convenience of having one continuous conversation.

Gaming-Focused Product Features

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