Day 1 Sneak Peek – MBA in Customer Service Automation Webinar Series

MBA in customer service automation

We’re just a few short weeks away from the MBA in Customer Service Automation Webinar Series, which runs from October 21-25!

On Day 1, Helpshift founder and Chief Strategy Officer Abinash Tripathy will be joined by Chad Oda, Co-founder of Chat Mode and host of the Bot Podcast.

In the run-up to Day 1, Chad sat down with Abinash to get answers to the questions we’re all wondering when it comes to chatbots — minus the hype. Here are the videos below! We hope you enjoy this sneak peek, and if you haven’t done so already, be sure to register for Helpshift’s MBA in Customer Service Automation webinar series.

Why should brands care about chatbots and what success are they seeing with chatbots today?

How long should it take to get a chatbot operational and why have so many chatbots failed?

What results are Helpshift customers seeing with chatbots? How can I choose the right vendor?

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